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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Inspirational Photography: Bridge to Light

WINNING PHOTO FOR JULY 2007: Every month our has a photography contest around a different theme. This July the theme was "Bridges." When all the votes were in, there was actually a tie between Josiah Friberg and Alisha Hauser, for the best photo. For some reason some members thought we needed a tie break, so they voted again and chose this photo, "Bridge to Light," as the tie-breaking winning photograph of the month. By the way, this was photographed in Moravian Falls, just off of Highway 16 South, near the brick Baptist Church. I was fortunate to arrive early one foggy morning with my tripod, and I proceeded to shoot the bridge from every angle. I loved the way the morning light was trying to pierce through the fog in the trees which created a sense of wonder and in my heart. Glory to God for creating such a beautiful scene for me to capture!

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