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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chanukah Wonder - Fine Art Inspirational Nature & Landscape Photography by Josiah Friberg

During this holiday season, I'd like to wish all Jewish people a Happy Chanukah.


I just celebrated my first Chanukah with some dear friends here in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. I enjoyed learning the history behind the holiday celebration. Even more so, I enjoyed participating in all of the traditions such as the lighting of the menorah candles, the eating of the latkes (potato pancakes) with apple sauce and sour cream, the eating of the Challah bread and drinking of the wine, praying and thanking God for His goodness, singing together as a group, and worshiping the LORD God with other believers.

Chanukah celebrates the day the temple was rededicated to God and the miracle of the oil that God made to last for eight days. The miracles, of course, are the small jar of oil that burned for so long and the small group of Maccabees who fought a mighty king and won. Ever since that first Chanukah, Jews just like the Maccabees have fought for the right to pray to God and live as Jews.

Once again, HAPPY CHANUKAH to all the children of Abraham and Israel.

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