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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mysterious Fog - Fine Art Inspirational Nature & Landscape Photography by Josiah Friberg

Fog is not so easy to photograph. The light that comes through fog enters the camera's lens and fools the camera's light meter, making it think that it is too bright. This results in the camera automatically compensating by trying to make everything 18% gray, which means that fog will normally get underexposed and the final result will be an image that is just too dark and not really representative of what the fog actually looked like. In this image, I reworked it in Photoshop to make the white fog look more truly white.

As I've mentioned previously, I've always had a love for being in in the mountains and by the seashore. When I saw how foggy it was a few weeks ago on my way to work, I decided to drive along the beautiful and densely wooded to see what I could find. I came upon this mysterious scene, grabbed my camera, and started shooting. I hope that you enjoy it and are inspired by it.

and by . Also, by photographer Josiah Friberg of the Blue Ridge Photographic Society of North Carolina.

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